Dead hard drive
For a bit of light entertainment, here's the story of how I restored my dead hard drive.
AuctionSieve launched
Collector's rejoice! Hashbang is today announcing new software for eBay users who want to save time and find bargains. Go to for more details.
GlobalTime selected as a Finalist!
GlobalTime was a Finalist in the Asia Java Mobile Challenge!
#!GlobalTime - latest version - 1.2.1
You're in New York and need to call someone in London. "What time is it there?" you ask. Hashbang GlobalTime will tell you - all from the convenience of your phone. For further information about #!GlobalTime click here.
Are you writing a midlet and want to know how different colours will look on different devices? RGBTester to the rescue. New version 1.0.1 allows you to change all 3 colours at once.

Also implemented a hack so you can see the green value on black and white devices. Thanks go to Joe Bowbeer for his feedback.

Here are the files to download:
RGBTester.prc - for Palms
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