#!GlobalTime - latest version - 1.2.1
You're in New York and need to call someone in London. "What time is it there?" you ask. Hashbang GlobalTime will tell you - all from the convenience of your phone.
GlobalTime selected as Finalist!
GlobalTime was a Finalist in the Asia Java Mobile Challenge, a competition run by SingTel, Optus & other carriers.
Help - User's Guide
Here is a complete User's Guide. It should answer most of the questions you may have.
"Does #!GlobalTime cost anything?"
Technically, #!GlobalTime is shareware. However, it's not crippled in any way and I'm not going to nag you about paying for it. However, paying does encourage me to make improvements.
"So how do I send you money?"
Currently you can send us money by buying #!GlobalTime from these places :
- Nextel iDen catalog - for Nextel users
- Singtel - Select Ideas@Work -> Fun & Tools
- Handango - for everyone else

If you'd prefer not to pay, the next best thing is to send me an saying how great you think it is and how you've used it.

Download - latest version! - 1.2.1
- Cursor acceleration!
- Now works on the Motorola T720
- Easier to see cursor on black and white screens
- Other background bug fixes
Here are the files to download:
Changes in 1.2.0
- Now even easier to use
- Find City option and numerous other fixes
- Standard version which should work on most devices
- See the list of tested devices at the bottom of this page
New big map version - 1.2.1big
- Map is double the size and more detailed
- For devices with higher resolutions like the Motorola Accompli & Nokia 7650 but should work on most phones as well
Download for SL45i - version 1.2.1s
The Siemens SL45i differs slightly in its Java implementation. Here is a version of #!GlobalTime which caters for these differences:
If this doesn't work, you may have an older firmware in your phone. Try this version (1.2.1s.old):
Download for Motorola i85s and others - version 1.2.1iXX
This version complies with Motorola's certification standards and also takes into account a couple of it's peculiarities. It's also been tested on an i90c:
Also available from the Nextel iDen catalog
Download for Palm OS - version 1.2.1p

Note for users of Palm OS v4 - (for example Palm m505 users): You may get an out of memory error when you run #!GlobalTime. To fix this problem, go into the Java preferences. Select the Global preferences and reduce the "App Memory". That's right, reduce. (There are 2 types of memory needed by java programs - setting a large app memory reduces the other type of memory which GlobalTime needs to get decent performance.)
Don't see your device here?
Try the standard or bigmap versions
Here is a list of phones that GlobalTime has been tested on.
If you have tried GlobalTime on a device not listed here, please me to let me know if it works or not!

- Motorola C450
- Motorola i85s
- Motorola i90c
- Motorola 388
- Motorola T720
- Motorola Accompli
- Motorola a920 - user had phone with certificates on it and had to sign the jad file with certificates (available from 3uk for free)
- Nokia 3100
- Nokia 3410
- Nokia 3510i
- Nokia 3586i
- Nokia 3650
- Nokia 5100
- Nokia 6100
- Nokia 6310i
- Nokia 6610 - may need to update your firmware
- Nokia 6800
- Nokia 7210
- Nokia 7250
- Nokia 7650
- Palm Vx
- Palm m505
- Samsung SGH-S100
- Siemens SL45 with firmware upgrade
- Siemens SL45 with old firmware upgrade
- Siemens SL45i
- Siemens S55 - just use the standard version, not the SL45i version
- Siemens C60 - just use the standard version, not the SL45i version, this is another phone where you need to compensate for your timezone when you set the local time
- Sony Ericsson P800
- Sony Ericsson T610 - need to compensate for your timezone when you set the local time
- Sony Ericsson T616 - ditto
- Sony Ericsson Z600
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